About us

Moraz Galilee Medical Herbs is a global company specializing in the research, development and production of highly effective skin treatments and cosmetics based
on a range of healing plants. The unique Moraz advantage lies in innovative methods for extracting especially high concentrations of the plant essences and utilizing
their special qualities. Moraz products have been tested and their efficacy clinically approved. They are successfully sold in many countries around the world.


The Moraz + line combines carefully chosen herbs designed to restore your skin’s vitality, enhancing its ability to recover and maintain its elasticity. Each luxuriant Moraz + skin
care product contains a powerful synergy of 1 + 1 herbal extracts in an advanced natural formula, blending their multiple benefits to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Unique Technology for Herbal Extraction

The development of Moraz + was based on the combination of scientific knowledge and traditional skin care techniques. The Moraz + product line is based on phytotherapy - herbal medicine that uses the active ingredients found in plants to treat and heal the skin. Our unique herbal synergy formulae are based on highly effective concentrated plant extracts whose active ingredients have proven skin healing properties. These products are characterized by the qualities and attributes of the 1 + 1 herbs that they contain.
Daily use of Moraz + products over time will help to maintain healthy skin, protecting it from environmental damage and keeping it feeling fresh and supple.